Spirits Collide

Spirits Collide 

(The Kiche Chronicles Book 2)

The gates of the Netherworld have been opened and demons, once dead, are reborn. As the Misty Woods encroach on the Spirit Mount, a battle for control of the Mount will take place in The Valley of Blood.

As Ayas prepares the valley for the coming war, Pamoon will have to convince enemies, old and new, to fight alongside her, if they have any chance in defeating the demons.

In this second installment of the Kiche Chronicles, Pamoon must discover and control her power of fire if she has any chance of surviving. But with power comes consequences. She must come to grips with the demons from her past before she can battle the ones in her present, but most of all, she must believe in who she is to become: she must believe she is destined to become the Kiche—the Sky Spirit Goddess.



When I killed Kanontsistonties, the Flying Head, and vanquished the demon back to the netherworld, I hoped my battle would be over.  Little did I know, it was just beginning. Kise, The Creator, told me that when the gates to the Netherworld were opened many demons fled its confines. When I asked how I could find them, I was given one directive: never go looking for evil, it will come looking for you. So for the past eight months, things have been pretty quiet around the reservation. But that all ended when I saw Bobby’s eyes flicker from brown and round to amber and oval. That’s when I knew, it wouldn’t be long before the fight would come to me.

While I have been trying to figure out how to control my power of fire, Ayas, the Wandering Spirit, and I will have to gather an army of both friend and foe and fight the demons who have come out of hiding in a place called the Valley of Blood. This will be no ordinary battle, for the winner will control the Spirit Mount.

I need to hurry and figure out who I can trust and who I can’t because each minute the Misty Woods grow larger and now they have encroached on the Spirit World.

Come and fight beside us and pour your spirit in with ours as we take to the battlefield. Help me to fulfill my destiny and become The Kiche, the Sky Spirit Goddess.

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