Cursed Blessing

Cursed Blessing

(Trilogy of the Chosen Book 1)

Brent Venturi, leader of Delta Force’s Phantom Squad has moved back to Palm Cove where he was raised by his grandfather. There, he is content to live a peaceful existence as the town’s head librarian. Although he loves the peace and tranquility that have become his life, he is haunted nightmares. Nightmares that always pertain to some skill he had performed as a covert operative and which always contain an image of his lost love, Chloe.

Brent’s life turns upside down when he receives a gift from Lucille Conklin. Her late husband has bequeathed a rare book collection to him upon his death. Among the books, Brent finds a letter written by his grandfather twenty years earlier. What he doesn’t know is that he has also been passed a secret known as The Endowment.

This secret is so old that it dates back to the dawn of creation. A secret which began as a gift from God, but because of man’s wickedness and immorality has become so evil that if it were to fall into the wrong hands, Armageddon would occur.  A SECRET THAT IS A CURSED BLESSING.

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